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Sustainable Practices


We Act Globally by Working Locally

At Banana Flip, we demonstrate our sustainable practice beliefs by keeping our manufacturing process local. All our clothes are made and designed in Canada, which reduces the production of greenhouse gas emissions that result from transport. In keeping with our core value of transparency, those fabrics that cannot be sourced from Canada are obtained from countries and companies where we can easily verify that they meet our stringent standards.

Your Favorite Tee is Made Ethically

By partnering with other Canadian companies, we can ensure we uphold Canadian labour regulations while protecting worker’s rights and safety. We also contribute to the success of the people we employ by reducing automation, keeping jobs local, and offering competitive pay rates. We fully believe that creating safe, positive workspace results in higher quality garments for you.

Bamboo is the Fabric for You

Bamboo is an ideal source of material for eco-friendly clothing, as is neither destructive nor invasive. It has a high water storage capacity and is pesticide and fertilizer-free. This makes it easy to grow quickly and maintain without an extreme depletion of resources.

When we considered the most sustainable fabric options for our clothing, bamboo quickly proved to be the best choice. More than 70% of the fabric used in our garments is derived from bamboo. This results in a softer, more luxurious feeling piece than regular cotton, with much greater strength. Bamboo fabric is also both hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, which is helpful in keeping it cleaner and odor-free longer between washes. Because these pieces are best cared for with delicate washing, cold water, and air drying, you can do your part to conserve energy while doing laundry.